Kasturi Platinum Flavour Attar

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Kasturi Platinum Flavour Attar

Kasturi Attar is at the top of all famous perfumes in the world. Yes, I am talking about Al-Hiba’s one of the best quality, recommended and non-alcoholic perfume called Kasturi Platinum.

Musk is found mainly in the Himalayan regions of Nepal, Bhutan, India but also in parts of China, Mongolia, Siberia and Australia. But our Musk from Mumbai, Hyderabad and Telangana are more popular in India. Among them, Mumbai ranks 3rd, Hyderabad ranks 2nd and Telangana ranks 1st for top quality musk.

Deer killing is prohibited After almost nine long months of nerve war with infinite patience finally managed to procure the most premium quality Semi Organic Kasturi Platinum perfume from Telangana. Alhamdulillah! The introduction of the clan is over, now let’s know about the destruction of its fear.

Musk is usually a light dark, ambury, slightly audacious, slightly intense, lathery, and slightly sweet perfume. As our Kasturi Platinum is semi-organic, it can be used on the skin as well as on the skin without any irritation InshaAllah.

It also challenged the fragrance to stay on the skin for 1 day and even after washing off the cotton. Our sweet, cute Kasturi Platinum. Again, after washing the clothes, its fragrance will remain, inshallah.