Ibadah Gift Package Black

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Total 13 Items you find out from this package:

1. 6″ color coded Quran.
2. Book of 24 hours dua (Ojifa).
3. Free zamzam water.
4. Turkish astonishing jaynamaz.
5. Crystal stone tasbih.
6. Counter tasbih small.
7. Shurma.
8. Brass metal shurmadani small.
9. Premium smelled attar 3ml.
10. Soft miswak.
11. Stunning bookmark.
12. Mixed chocolate- Dairy milk 1 pcs, mini-3 pcs,

13. Makhmal premium box 9”/9”.

Your worship will not be delayed anymore! Our Ebadah Gift Package will always remind you about almost every sunnah & it will help you to do your Ebadah fluently than before. Go very close to ALLAH by it.